How it Works


Advertising in the alternative newsweeklies is a no-brainer. As traditional, local daily newspapers cut costs, actual news reporting suffers, which means voters looking to inform themselves leading up to Election Day need a better place to go for the most in-depth reporting on political candidates and ballot initiatives.

Alternative newsweeklies fill that void by doing more of what they’ve always done best: report on local news, especially on issues that mainstream media outlets ignore. Moreover, they do this in a way that fits philosophically with the most progressive candidates and causes. Alts are known for their informal and sometimes profane style, their point-of-view reporting, and their advocacy for individual freedoms and social differences.

Because of all this, alt-weeklies attract the most forward-thinking and educated readers — the kind of people you’re counting on to make the kind of change you’re working toward. They read these papers to be entertained and inspired, and where they expect to see truth spoken to power. These readers are vocal and outspoken. Connect with them, and they will spread your message across their social network.

Targeting Capabilities

We offer granular targeting that gives you access to your target audience. It’s the Who, When, Where, and How of your mobile campaign strategy.

  • Geography
  • Carrier
  • Time
  • Device
  • Demographic
  • Operating System
  • Behavior

The Social Advantage

We offer dynamic social advertising that lets you leverage the power of your Social Media Content and combine it with the reach and influence of the Alt Weeklies. Technology powered by Tack seamlessly converts your social media posts into highly engaging ads. Because they originate from your social feed, they are highly relevant and engaging by design and average a 20% interaction rate. All you need to do is continue to update your Facebook posts and we’ll do the rest!

A recent study by the Pew Research Center about the state of Social Media and it’s impact on grassroots and advocacy cited:

“43% of Social Networking Site users decided to learn more about a political or social issue because of something they read on social media”


“18% of Social Networking Site users have decided to take action involving a political or social issues because of something they read on social media”

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