A unique network that leverages local alternative media to reach untapped progressive voters and activists where they are the most engaged.

A Unique Formula

Targeting Options – Web and Mobile

The perfect delivery mechanism

Be a part of the local conversation on any platform: Print–Web–Mobile–Social–Email
National = Local

Our publications are on the cutting edge of local trends, social issues and civic life. We offer a unique perspective on local markets and on issues that mainstream media outlets ignore. And we reach over 29 million unique visitors per month.

Focused Targeting

Email campaigns deliver your message to your desired audience using behavioral, demographic, frequency, content, and geographic targeting options. And with day parting, control when a user is able to see your sale message.

A robust database

We bring in roughly 1.5 million fresh pieces of data per month–scrubbed to ensure quality and deliverability, making our database one of the largest and most hygienic in the marketplace today.

Our Publications

We currently serve 125 markets with over 120 publications in the United States and Canada.